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  1. Russian Strategic Intentions | United States Department of Defense 
  2. U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid | David E. Sanger & Nicole Perlroth | New York Times
  3. Libya Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Meddle in African Votes | Samer Al-Atrush, Ilya Arkhipov, & Henry Meyer | Bloomberg
  4. The West Fears Russia’s Hybrid Warfare. They’re Missing the Bigger Picture | Nicole NG  & Eugene Rumer | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  5. Under Assault From Every Angle’: Chilling Threat Facing The West | Jamie Seidel |
  6. Europe Must Not Allow Enemies of Democracy to Choose the Next EU Commissioner | Garvan Walshe | Foreign Policy
  7.  Pentagon Warns That America Is Enabling Putin’s Plan for Global Dominance | Ryan Bort | Rolling Stone
  8. New Study Shows Russian Propaganda May Really Have Helped Trump | Ken Dilanian | CBS News
  9. The Kremlin’s Multifaceted Strategy In France | Nicolas Tenzer | Stop Fake
  10. The MP, The Russians And The Red Bus Plot To Grab Oligarch’s £2bn| Gabriel Pogrund & Tom Harper | The Times

Election & Census Integrity

  1. California Considers Deepfake Ban for Election Integrity | Andrew Sheller| Government Technology
  2. Ensuring Elections ‘Free From Foreign Intrusion’ | John Sarbanes & Brian Frosh | Baltimore Sun
  3. How the Adtech Market Incentivizes Profit-Driven Disinformation | Joshua Braun | Pro Market
  4. Facebook Details Efforts To Prepare For 2020 Elections, Census Disinformation | Irina Ivanova | CBS News
  5. Hacking, Glitches, Disinformation: Why Experts Are Worried About the 2020 Census | Chris Hambly | New York Times
  6. Facebook Announces Civil Rights Task Force To Fight Election Meddling | CNN Wire

Emerging Technology

  1. Face Quirks Unmask Deepfake Videos | Kara Manke-Uc  Berkeley | Futurity
  2. ‘Donald Trump’ Deepfake Addresses Democracy Conference In Copenhagen | The National 


‘Fake News’ and Thailand’s Information Wars | Janjira Sombatpoonsiri | The Diplomat

Why Fact Don’t Matter

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds | Elizabeth Kolbert |The New Yorker

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