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Russia’s Latest

  1. Russian Accounts Pushed Fake Rubio Tweet Warning of British Spy Threat to U.S. Elections | Donnie O’Sullivan | CNN
  2. Media Grab: Oligarchs, Pro-Russian Forces use TV to Push Political Agenda | Oksana Grytsenko & Oleskiy Sorokin | Kyiv Post
  3. Nord Stream 2: A Pipeline Dividing Europe? | Alan Riley | CEPA
  4. Theresa May Calls on Vladimir Putin to Halt ‘Irresponsible’ Activity Around the World | Edward Malnick | The Telegraph
  5. An Ecosystem of Mistrust and Disinformation | Alex Romero | Stop Fake

Platform News

  1. Israel’s AG is Investigating Collusion between Facebook & Netanyahu to Tilt Israel’s April 2019 Election Results. I’m the Whistleblower Involved | Itai Leshem | Medium
  2. What is Facebook’s Cryptocurrency and Why Does it Matter? | Carlos Roa | The National Interest
  3. The Technology 202: Social Media Companies Readying to Combat Disinformation in Democratic Debates | Cat Zakrzewski | The Washington Post

2020 Campaign

  1. Trolls Tried to Boost Yang and Williamson in Online Polls After the Debate | Ali Breland |Mother Jones
  2. Chilling New Birtherism Slam Suddenly Surges Against Kamala Harris on Social Media | Mary Papenfuss | The Huffington Post
  3. Want to See How Disinformation Could PLay out in 2020? Just Look Overseas | Ali Breland | Mother Jones

Chinese Disinformation

  1. China’s Propaganda Campaign in Sweden, 2018-2019 | B. Jerden & V. Bohman | Utrikespolitiska Intitutet
  2. The Disinformation Landscape in East Asia and Implications for U.S. Policy | Bo Julie Crowley, Casey Corcoran, & Raina Davis | Belfer Center, JFK School, Harvard
  3. Chinese Cybergroup Behind Kaohsiung Mayor’s Win Uncovered | Keoni Everington | Taiwan News
  4. Taiwan Braces for Pro-China Fake News Deluge as Presidential Elections Loom | Straits Times

Fighting Back

  1. Seeing Isn’t Believing: The Fact Checker’s Guide to Manipulated Video | Washington Post
  2. Scientists Claim Online Game ‘Vaccinates’ Players Against Fake News | Chloe Taylor | CNBC
  3. Google’s New Media Literacy Program Teaches Kids How to Spot Disinformation and Fake News | Sarah Perez | Tech Crunch
  4. The Existential Threat from Cyber-Enabled Information Warfare | Herbert Lin | The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
  5. Deepfake Detection Algorithms Will Never Be Enough | James Vincent | The Verge
  6. Freshman Members Form Bipartisan Task Force on Election Vulnerabilities Ahead of 2020 | Olivia Beavers | The Hill

Miscellaneous Attack News

Disinformation Campaigns Against London, Part I: 11 Identified Lines of Attack | Dan Kaszeta | Bellingcat

America’s Toxic Information Environment

  1. Drudge Report Linked to Russian Propaganda Sites Nearly 400 Times Since 2012 | Daily Beast
  2. White Supremacists Continue to Spread Hate on American Campuses | ADL

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