Active Measures #41 – Salve Regina University’s Pell Center

House Intelligence Committee Hearing on DeepFakes and AI

  1. Statement For The Record | Danielle Keats Citron
  2. Statement For The Record | Jack Clark
  3. Statement For The Record | Dr. David Doermann
  4. Statement For The Record | Clint Watts

Getting Ready for 2020

  1. Securing American Elections | Michael McFaul, ed. | Stanford University
  2. They Watched Russia Try to Sway Voters in 2016: Now They Have 45 Ideas to Avoid a Repeat | David Ingram | NBC News
  3. How Russia Can Spend Money to Influence the 2020 Election–Legally | Pema Levy | Mother Jones

Russian Influence Campaigns

Leaked Documents Reveal Russian Effort to Exert Influence in Africa | Luke Harding and Jason Burke | The Guardian

A War of Ideas or Information War?

  1. The New War of Ideas | Kara Frederick | CNAS
  2. The United States Needs an Information Warfare Command: A Historical Examination | Conrad Crane | War on the Rocks

Platform Issues

Experts: Spy Used AI-Generated Face to Connect with Targets | Ralph Satter | AP

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