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Fake Video

  1. Faked Pelosi Videos, Slowed To Make Her Appear Drunk, Spread Across Social Media | Drew Harwell | Washington Post
  2. Facebook on Fake Pelosi Video: Being “Fake” isn’t Enough for Removal | Nancy Scola | Politico
  3. Mona Lisa Frown: Machine Learning Brings Old Paintings And Photos To Life | Devin Coldewey | Tech Crunch 

Europe’s Elections

  1. Russia’s Long Arm Reaches To The Right In Europe | Adrienne Klasa, Valerie Hopkins, Guy Chazan, Henry Foy & Miles Johnson | Financial Times
  2. Austrian Leader Calls for Snap Election After Far-Right Vice Chancellor Resigns | Katrin Bennhold  & Christopher F. Schuetze | New York Times
  3. We Built An Algorithm To Track Bots During The European Elections – What We Found Should Scare You | Emmi Bevensee, Alexander Reid Ross, & Sabrina Nardin | The Independent 
  4. Europe is Sending us a Warning for 2020. Will We Listen? | Christian Caryl | The Washington Post
  5. The New Academies For Europe’s Far Right | Andy Gorman | New Statesman 

Defending Elections

  1. Election Security Bills In The Senate Are Hitting One Big Roadblock: Mitch McConnell | Li Zhou | Vox
  2. Protecting Elections: A Strategic Communications Approach | STRATCOM 
  3. ‘Junk News’ Gets Massive Engagement On Facebook Ahead Of EU Elections, Study Finds | Ryan Browne | CNBC 
  4. Trump Appears to Confirm Cyberattack Against Russian Entity During Midterms | Kevin Bohn | CNN
  5. The Cybersecurity 202: The DNC and RNC Are Still Vulnerable To Hackers, New Report Finds | Joseph Marks | Washington Post

War with Iran?

  1. A Shady Facebook Campaign Is Stoking the Iran-U.S. Conflict | Lachlan Markay | Daily Beast 

More Platform Concerns

  1. The Facebook Loophole That Makes Political Ads Look Like Regular Content | Pema Levy | Mother Jones
  2. Facebook Held Talks with Winklevoss Twins over New Currency | Hannah Murphy & Philip Stafford | Financial Times
  3. Facebook Increased Vietnam Content Restrictions by 500% during 2018 — report | Reuters

Fighting Back

  1. Finland is Winning the War on Fake News. What it’s Learned May Be Crucial to Western Democracy | Eliza Mackintosh | CNN 
  2. States Shine Light on Russian Trolls’ Hiding Places | Ian Vanderwalker | Brennan Center for Justice 

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