Active Measures #34 – Salve Regina University’s Pell Center

2020 Campaign

  1. F.B.I. Warns of Russian Interference in 2020 Race and Boosts Counterintelligence Operations | Julian Barnes and Adam Goldman | The New York Times
  2. Here’s the Kremlin’s Playbook For Disrupting the 2020 Election | Casey Michel | Think Progress
  3. The 2020 Presidential Campaigns Are Still Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. Here’s Why | Phillip Elliot | Time
  4. Strengthening Our Approach to Deliberate Attempts to Mislead Voters | Twitter
  5. America’s New Voting Machines Bring New Fears of Election Tampering | Jordan Wilkie | The Guardian

The Aftermath of the Mueller Report

  1. After Mueller Report, Twitter Bots Pushed ‘Russiagate Hoax’ Narrative | Ben Collins | NBC News
  2. How Barr and Trump Use a Russian Disinformation Tactic | Asha Rangappa | New York Times

Means of Information Warfare

  1. The Russian “Firehose of Falsehood” Propaganda Model | Christopher Paul & Miriam Matthews | Rand Corporation 
  2. Everyone in the World Wants to Fix Facebook. Here’s Why No One Can. | Jacob Rosenberg | Mother Jones
  3. Regulators Around the World are Circling Facebook | Cecilia Kang and Adam Satariano | The New York Times

From China, With Love

  1. Activists Say New Canadian Group Supporting China’s Control of Tibet is a Front for Beijing | Tom Blackwell | National Post
  2. Made in China, Exported to the World: The Surveillance State | Paul Mozur, Jonah M. Kessel, & Melissa Chan | New York Times

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