Active Measures #29 – Salve Regina University’s Pell Center

A Newsletter of Political Warfare, Influence, and Information Campaignsfrom the Pell Center at Salve Regina University
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Protecting Elections
In Ukraine and Beyond, Democracy Requires Both Freedom and Security | April Gordon | Freedom House

#DisinfoWeek – Protecting Democratic Elections | Disinfo Portal

Leading Ukraine Candidate Fights ‘Fakes With Fakes’ As Facebook Tests New Political Ad Rules | Christopher Miller | Radio Free Europe

The Infrastructure of Influence Campaigns

A Russian ‘Troll Slayer’ Went Undercover At A Troll Factory And Found That Hundreds Of Russians Were Working As Paid Trolls In Rotating Shifts | Charles Maynes | Business Insider

Fox News Dominates Facebook By Inciting Anger, Study Shows | Amy Russo | Huffington Post

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