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A Newsletter of Political Warfare, Influence, and Information Campaigns from the Pell Center at Salve Regina University 
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Top stories this week:

Target: America
Russian Trools Shift Strategy to Disrupt U.S. Election in 2020 | Alyza Sebenius | Bloomberg

Russia Sought to Interfere with U.S. Election Systems in 2018 Midterms, U.S. Official Says | Alex Marquardt, Mike Conte & Zachary Cohen | CNN


Brexit: Foreign Far-Right Twitter users ‘Manipulated Debate’ | BBC

The More We Learn About Brexit, the More Crooked it Looks | Anne Applebaum | Washington Post

Countering Influence Campaigns

In Fighting Online Interference, the First Line of Defence is the Mind | Chris Zappone | The Strategist

Why Propaganda is More Dangerous in the Digital Age | Albinko Hasic | Washington Post

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