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Top stories for this week: 

Viktor Orban’s Government has Become an Enthusiastic Partner in Russia’s Financial Expansion | Szabo Andras | Direkt36

Countering Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine | U.S. Department of State
Australia’s Major Political Parties Hacked in ‘Sophisticated’ Attack Ahead of Election | David Wroe and Chris Uhlmann | Stuff

Italian Investigators Just Uncovered a Major Russian Election Meddling Plot | Hannah Levintova | Mother Jones

‘Sustained and Ongoing’ Disinformation Assault Targets Dem Presidential Candidates | Natasha Korecki | Politico

Russia and China Are Driving a Wedge Between Estranged U.S. and Europe | Simon Shuster | Time

The Next Cyber Battleground | Rob Knake | Foreign Affairs 

NATO Group Catfished Soldiers to Prove a Point About Privacy | Issie Lapowsky | Wired

The Internet is Sowing Mass Confusion. We Must Rethink How We Teach Kids Every Subject | Sam Wineburg | USA Today

Disinformation and ‘Fake News’: Final Report Published | UK Parliament

‘Digital Gangsters’: UK Wants Tougher Rules for Facebook | Mae Anderson & Jill Lawless | Associated Press

Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry | Steven Erlanger & Katrin Bennhold | New York Times

The Soviets Wanted to Infiltrate the Reagan Camp. So the CIA Recruited a Businessman to Bait Them | Zach Dorfman | Yahoo News

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