Doctrine for Cyberwarfare & Information Operations

A New Doctrine for Cyberwarfare & Information Operations


Senator Mark Warner (D, VA) spoke at the Center for a New American Security on the need for a U.S. cyber doctrine in the face of growing threats from traditional cyber attacks and information operations.  This event highlights one of the more comprehensive perspectives from the legislative branch to date.  Warner’s address centers around his policy white paper.


CNAS event here and also at C-SPAN.   Lawfare’s podcast #374 includes the audio from the event.

Three focus areas for policymakers:
1.  Understand the capacity for communications technologies to promote disinformation that undermines trust in our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets
2.  Customer protection in the digital age
3.  Rise of a few dominant platforms poses key problems for long-term competition and innovation across multiple markets, including digital advertising markets, future markets driven by machine-learning and artificial intelligence, and communications technology markets

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