At long last, I’m honored to present an organization focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities of a complex and evolving Information Environment (IE) which is increasingly impacted by cognitive attacks through the internet, systems, and media to influence attitudes and decisions.

The Information Professionals Association (IPA) serves as an independent, non-profit, platform to examine how the aggregate of individuals, organizations, and systems are influenced and behave in the global IE. We will engage in public, charitable work to promote understanding and innovation to address how industry, governments and non-governmental organizations protect their reputations, interests and intent in a dynamic and competitive IE.

IPA will focus along both technical and psychosocial dimensions of the IE. The solutions we seek will require a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach that harnesses experts in cognitive science, computer science, engineering, social science, public policy, marketing and psychology to establish and support the science IPA identifies as Cognitive Security (COGSEC)—a new security architecture for the Information Age!

Thank you for joining the IPA professional family and I look forward to the value of the ideas and outcomes of our unified professional network.

Austin Branch